Tuesday, October 5, 2010

M.S.Subbulakshmi – Pancharatnamala Volume 02

Album : M.S.Subbulakshmi – Pancharatnamala Volume 02
Ghatam Player: Vinayakaram TH
Kanjira Player: Nagarajan V
Mridangam Players: Guruvayur Dorai, Murthi TK
Violin Players: Dwaram Mangathayaru, Kandadevi Alagiriswamy

-= Track List =-
01. Vandhe Vasudevam – Sri
02. Thaazh Sadaiyum – Entha Mathramu – Simmendra
03. Bhavayami Gopalapalam – Yaman Kalyani
04. Natanala – Lalitha
05. Okapariyokapari – Karaharapriya
06. Kurai Onrum – Ragamalika

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Balaji Pancharatnamala Vol.1

 Album : M.S.Subbulakshmi – Pancharatnamala Volume 01
Ghatam Player: Vinayakaram TH
Kanjira Player: Nagarajan V
Mridangam Players: Guruvayur Dorai, Murthi TK
Violin Players: Dwaram Mangathayaru, Kandadevi Alagiriswamy

-= Track List =-
01. Sriman Narayana – Bowli
02. Manujudai Putti - Aabhogi
03. Bhavamulona – Sudhdhadanyasi
04. Ksheerabdi Kanyakaku – Kurinji
05. Dolayam – Kamas
06. Cheri Yasodaku -Mohanam
 07. Deva Devam – Hindolam
 08. Naanati Bathuku – Revathi

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Brahmam Gari Vachana Kalagnanam ( బ్రహ్మం గారి వచన కాలజ్ఞానం )

Brahmam Gari Vachana Kalagnanam ( బ్రహ్మం గారి వచన కాలజ్ఞానం )

In Banaganapalli and Kandimallayyapalli, VeeraBrahmendra Swami lived around 400 years ago. He is a person with knowledge of past present and future. He is still alive in his jeeva samadhi situated in Kandimallayyapalli. There is a mattam called as "Brahmam gari mattam" which is situated here in Kandimallayyapalli. He has written a lot of books on palm leaves. All these palm leaf books tell the future of the world till the end of Kali yuga. These book tell us about How people get transformed in coming years, what catastrophical events occur, Political, social,economic changes that will occur in the society, biologocal and physiological changes that will occur in plant and animal kingdoms, geographical changes, wars, explosions etc and many other wonders of the world which have occured and will occur in future. The knowledge in these books is called as "Kaalagnaanam" (Knowledge of Time). This will also be called by people as "Saandhra Sindhu Vedam (సాంద్ర సింధు వేదం )".

4 Tracks
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Updated on 26-Apr-2017

Sri Kalahastheeswara Mahatyam

Title: Slokam - Bhagavan Sri Kalahasti
Artist: Gayatri
Track: 1/9

Title: Ide Ide.. Sri Kalahasti
Artist: Balu, Korus
Track: 2/9

Title: Hara Hara Harom Hara..
Artist: K.M. Radha Krishnana
Track: 3/9

Title: Sivayya.. Syivayya
Artist: Shankar Mahadevan
Track: 4/9

Title: Om Namah Sivaya
Artist: Sri Krishna, Korus
Track: 5/9

Title: Om Rahave Namaha Om Ketave Namaha
Artist: Chitra, K.M. Radhakrishnan, Korus
Track: 6/9

Title: Sivaratri.. Sivaratri..
Artist: Sri Krishna, Suneetha
Track: 7/9

Title: Navagraha Slokam
Artist: Gayatri
Track: 8/9

Title: Message from Devastanam
Artist: Kamisetti Srinivasulu
Track: 9/9

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Bhagavad Geetha - The Divine Song of God

Bhagawan describes the meaning of attaining prosperous, happy and peaceful living in day to day life and this description is called Bhagavad Geetha (భగవత్ గీత). Sri Krishna tells to the man representing the mankind (i.e.) Arjuna. It is an art of living of man, in the society while doing his own duties and explains in an orderly way in accordance with the enlightenment of the human brain, in 18 episodes, called Yogas. This was the conversation between Lord Sri Krishna and Arjuna during the famous Mahabharatha war, in Kurukshetra, around 5000 years back just before entering of Kaliyuga. Listen and Watch Bhagavad Geetha vocally rendered by Sri Ghantasala with Telugu transaltion and the telugu transalation is written by Sri Rangayya Sastry.

Power of OM...

Om is the main sound, from which all other sounds are produced, even the sound of mother. There is a lot of significance of chanting Om, which you will get to realize within a few days of chanting. It will have a major impact on your day to day life. When you start reciting Om, you will feel its power. Om chanting is good for every one any religion and it brings you better result, so try it from today.

When you take a deep breath and chant Om, it causes a very calmful effect, which will totally relax your mind and body. It is the first stage of meditation, which aims at drawing your attention away from all other tensions that have occupied your mind. The sound of Om is very pleasant to hear. When accompanied by slow deep breathing, it gives a very gentle massage to your chest, spine, tummy and head.

Om chanting improves the functioning of all organs of the body and thus, helps in curing various diseases. It helps to improve your concentration power, thereby enabling you to grasp more information. Om chanting is like an orientation to the spiritual practices. When your mind is away from all the worldly thoughts, it is the stage when you get truly connected to the almighty God. It infuses vitality in the body and one tends to feel stronger.

Om is the absolute reality. It is said to be "Adi Anadi", without beginning or the end and embracing all that exists. Om is beyond any limit, transcendental, and indestructible. OM represents the wholeness of the universe and the eternal vibratory sound of brahman (the universal soul) that permeates it. Indeed, Om is called shabdabrahman, the sound-form of brahman. Om is a mystical or sacred syllable. The syllable is taken to consist of three phonemes, a, u and m, variously symbolizing the Three Vedas or the Hindu Trimurti or three stages in life (birth, life and death ). A-U-M represents the divine energy (Shakti) united in its three elementary aspects: Bhrahma Shakti (creation), Vishnu Shakti (preservation) and Shiva Shakti (liberation).

In upanishads and sutra:
Om consists of the three sounds a (a-kara), u (u-kara), m (ma-kara). A-kara means form or shape like earth, trees, or any other object. U-kara means formless or shapeless like water, air or fire. Ma-kara means neither shape nor shapeless (but still exists) like the dark matter in the Universe. When we combine all three syllables we get AUM which is a combination of A-kara, U-kara, and Ma-kara.

According to the Mandukya Upanishad
Om is both atman and brahman: it is the past, the present and the future, as well as all that transcends time.

In Purana
Aum or Om is the mystic name for the Hindu Trimurti, and represents the union of the three gods, viz. a for Brahma, u for Vishnu and m for Mahadev which is another name of Shiva. The three sounds also symbolize the three Vedas (Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda).
Om is the mantra of assent. It means yes and affirms and energizes whatever we say after it. That is why all mantras begin with OM. OM is also the mantra of ascent and causes our energy to rise upward into the infinite. By reciting Om, a person gains access to the powers of the universe; and meditation on Om is said to lead to enlightenment and immortality. OM is expansive and increases the fire, air and ether elements, particularly ether. It also gives strength, protection and grace. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Volume 7 -For Seeking Forgiveness and To Experience Unconditional Love

For Seeking Forgiveness and To Experience Unconditional Love

Contents :
01. Ganesha Bhujanga Prayatham.
02. Subramanya Ashtakam.
03. Shri Durgadevi Dhyanam.
04. Aarayaadurga Ashtakam.
05. Mahaamuneeshvara Mantra.
06. Shaastha Ashtakam.

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Sacred Chants Vol 6 Offering oneself at the feet of divine

-:Contents :-
01. Guru Stotram.
02. Daaridryadahana Shiva Stotram .
03. Suvarnamaala Sthuthi.
04. Shri Hari Sharanaashtakam .
05. Aapadudharaashtakam.
06. Venkatesha Karaavalamba Stotram.
07. Kurai Ondrum Illai.

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Sacred Chants - Volume 5 - For Attaining Enlightenment Through Devotion

The Sanskrit literature goes on about the experience of Oneness with the Divine as much as it humbly brings out devotion. This connection or unity with Divinity, in the Hindu tradition, is referred as Enlightenment or Mukti. The Sacred Chants contained in this album bring out this timeless quest, that only through devotion is Enlightenment possible.
01 Ganesha Shodasha Namaani.
02 Shivashadakshara Stotram.
03 Bhavani Ashtakam.
04 Madhurashtakam.
05 Ashtalakshmi Stotram.
06 Sri Madana Mohan Ashtakam.
07 Brahmanandameemaamsa from Traittiriya Upanishad.
08 Musical Interlude.

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Sacred Chants Vol 4 - Knowledge and Success

Voices : Vijay Yesudas, Gayathri Devi, S Saindhavi, Priya, Shruthi, Vidhya Shankar, Kuldeep, Goutham, Baradwaj, Kedarnath, Jayaram
Music : Stephen Devassy


01. Ganapathy Sthavaha
02. Dakshinamurthy Stotram
03. Durga Devi Stuti
04. Sri Mahaganesha Pancharathna Stotram
05. Rajarajeshwari Ashtakam
06. Rudrashtakam - Vijay Yesudas
07. Manglam

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Sacred Chants Vol 3 For Stress Relief,Immunity & Longevity

For Stress Relief, Immunity & Longevity

.::Tracks List::.
1. Vishnu Stuti- Vishnu Shodashanamani
2. Totakashtakam
3. Vaidhyanathashtakam
4. Mahishasuramardini Stotram
5. Sivamanaspooja
6. Mritasanjeevana Stotram
7. Mrityunjaya Stotram
8. Mangalacharan

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Sacred Chants Vol 2

 For Courage, Confidence and Limitless Joy

.::Track List::.

Track: 1. Sri Rudram Lagunyasam

Track: 2. Gurupaduka Stotram

Track: 3. Suryashtakam

Track: 4. Mahalakshmi Ashtakam

Track: 5. Shivastakam

Track: 6. Vishwanathashtakam

Track: 7. Kalabairavashtakam

Track: 8. Krishnastakam

Track: 9. Lingashtakam

Track: 10. Anapoorna Stotram
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Sacred Chants Vol.1 For Peace, Prosperity & Enlightenment

For Peace, Prosperity & Enlightenment
.:: Track List::.
Shanthi Mantram
Guru Ashtakam
Medha Suktham
Durga Suktham
Shree Suktham
Gayathri Ghanapatha
Purusha Suktham
Shiva Thandava Stotram
Mantra Pushpam
Shanthi Mantram

Artists: Uma Mohan, Gayatri, Ramya, Roopa, Usha,
Chitra, Gowri, Bhanu, Jaya, Saindhavi, Krupa, Kruti

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