Monday, September 13, 2010

Brahmam Gari Vachana Kalagnanam ( బ్రహ్మం గారి వచన కాలజ్ఞానం )

Brahmam Gari Vachana Kalagnanam ( బ్రహ్మం గారి వచన కాలజ్ఞానం )

In Banaganapalli and Kandimallayyapalli, VeeraBrahmendra Swami lived around 400 years ago. He is a person with knowledge of past present and future. He is still alive in his jeeva samadhi situated in Kandimallayyapalli. There is a mattam called as "Brahmam gari mattam" which is situated here in Kandimallayyapalli. He has written a lot of books on palm leaves. All these palm leaf books tell the future of the world till the end of Kali yuga. These book tell us about How people get transformed in coming years, what catastrophical events occur, Political, social,economic changes that will occur in the society, biologocal and physiological changes that will occur in plant and animal kingdoms, geographical changes, wars, explosions etc and many other wonders of the world which have occured and will occur in future. The knowledge in these books is called as "Kaalagnaanam" (Knowledge of Time). This will also be called by people as "Saandhra Sindhu Vedam (సాంద్ర సింధు వేదం )".

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  1. swami vari assisulu andaripaina undalani korutunnanu.


  2. Team i request you to upload again Brahmam Gari Vachana Kalagnanam on this blog. We are unable to download in this (Hotfile) patron. Kindly update once it done.


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